All Eyez On Me

March 10, 2016
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"All Eyez On Me" is the thirteenth episode of the twelfth season of Grey's Anatomy and the 258th produced episode of the series. It is also the 369th produced episode of the Grey's Anatomy franchise. It was broadcast on March 10, 2016.

Bailey, Callie, Meredith, Jackson and Jo travel to a military hospital to perform a risky and revolutionary procedure on a cancer patient and, with the all eyes on them, the pressure mounts as Callie's professional standing is put on the line and Meredith struggles with her friends pushing her to date again. Meanwhile, Ben makes a risky move when he takes drastic action to save a patients life, putting him on a collision course with Richard, while the E.R. is inundated with a cheer leading squad after a stunt goes horribly wrong, forcing Stephanie to reflect on her own teenage years. Elsewhere, Andrew pushes Maggie to go public with their relationship.



"Back in Med School, I knew a guy who spent his weekends as a magician for children's birthday parties. It make a weird kind of a sense, if you plan on sawing a person in half you're going to need to practice. When you take the stage and all eyes are on you, you don't want the audience to see you sweat. You only want them to see the magic"
"There's a reason we like to keep things to ourselves. When you have an audience, even the smallest moment end up feeling huge. It makes the really big moments feel positively earth shattering. The trick is not letting the pressure keep you from taking big chances. You just go out there, naked and afraid, and pretend no one's looking."
- Meredith Grey


  • "Working Class Heroes (Work)" - CeeLo Green
  • "Rollercoaster" - Patricia Lynn
  • "Don't Mess Me Around" - Clare Maguire

Title ReferenceEdit

This episode's title originated from the song All Eyez On Me, originally sung by 2Pac.