Band-Aid Covers The Bullet Hole

March 12, 2006
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"Band-Aid Covers The Bullet Hole" is the twentieth episode of the second season of Grey's Anatomy and the 29th produced episode of the series. It is also the 29th produced episode of the Grey's Anatomy franchise. It was broadcast on March 12, 2006.

George and Meredith continue to feel the aftermath of their night together as George gets closer to Callie as they treat a teenaged patient together and Meredith questions whether or not she can confide in her new friend Derek. Addison treats a patient who gives her more attention than his wife and Derek deals with a couple whose romance was reignited by her diagnosis, forcing them both to make realizations about their marriage and Alex tries to interfere with Izzie and Denny's close relationship. Bailey forces Cristina to care for Tuck when she is called into surgery.



"As doctors patients are always telling us how they would do our jobs. Just stitch me up, slap a band-aid on it and send me home. It's easy to suggest a quick solution when you don't know much about the problem, when you don't understand the underlying cause or how deep the wound really is. The first step toward a real cure is to know exactly what the disease is to begin with but that's not what people really want to hear. We're supposed to forget the past that landed us here, ignore the future complications that might arise and go for the quick fix."
"As doctors, as friends, as human beings we all try to do the best we can but the world is full of unexpected twists and turns and just when you've gotten the lay of the land the ground underneath you shifts and knocks you off your feet. If you're lucky you end up with nothing more than a flesh wound, something a band-aid will cover but some wounds are deeper than they first appear and require more than a quick fix. With some wounds you have to rip off the band-aid, let them breathe and give the time to heal."
- Meredith Grey


  • "Come Sing Me A Song" - Sing-Sing
  • "Modern Love" - The Last Town Chorus
  • "So Weit" - The Urbs
  • "One" - Tina Dico
  • "Flying High" - Jem

Title ReferenceEdit

This episodes' title references the song Band-Aid Covers The Bullet Hole, originally sung by Scarling


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