Betsey Parker

Portrayed by Hailey Sole

Episode Count
First Appearance
"Serving Two Masters"
Private Practice, 2x06
Last Appearance
"To Change The Things I Can"
Private Practice, 4x22
Betsey Parker
Family Members
Dell Parker - Father
Heather Parker - Mother
Monica Brattan - Aunt
Naomi Bennett - adoptive mother
Sam Bennett - adoptive father
Maya Bennett - adoptive sister
Olivia Davis - adoptive niece
Dink Davis - adoptive brother in law
Betsey Parker is the daughter of Dell Parker and Heather Parker and the adoptive daughter of Sam Bennett and Naomi Bennett. After her parents death, she lived with her aunt Monica Brattan for a short time, and after was fostered by Phil Rakoff and Gina Rakoff. She was absused by her foster brother Marshall Rakoff. After discovering that Marshall suffered from behavior's serious troubles, Gina and Phil decided to stop fostering Betsey and she was later adopted by Naomi Bennett, lived with her in New York before coming back to Los Angeles and being adopted by Sam Bennett after he remarried Naomi.

Character HistoryEdit

Private Practice, Season 2Edit

Private Practice, Season 3Edit

Private Practice, Season 4Edit



Romantic LifeEdit



Betsey's biological mother, Heather, was a drug addict.

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