Crash Into Me, Part 1

November 22, 2007
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"Crash Into Me, Part 1" is the ninth episode of the fourth season of Grey's Anatomy and the 70th produced episode of the series. It is also the 78th produced episode of the Grey's Anatomy franchise. It was broadcast on November 22, 2007.

An ambulance crash at the hospital leaves the lives of two paramedics hanging in the balance and the doctors work to save their lives as Meredith can't bring herself to tell Derek her true feelings. Bailey faces a moral crisis when she treats a white supermesist as her marriage begins to suffer under the pressure of her new role as Cheif Resident. Cristina strives to earn her place on the cardio service while Izzie is tested by Erica. Ava returns to see Alex, complicating his relationship with Lexie.



"We go into medicine because want to save lives, we go into medicine because we want to do good, we go into medicine for the rush, for the high, for the ride. But what we remember at the end of most days is the losses. What we lay awake at night replaying is the pain we caused or failed to cure, the lives we ruined or failed to save. So the experience of practicing medicine rarely resembles the goal. The experience too often is ass-backwards and upside down."
- Meredith Grey


  • "Movie Star" - Roisin Murphy
  • "Some Suprise" - The Cake Sale
  • "Where I Stood" - Missy Higgins
  • "Let Me Out" - Ben's Brother
  • "All The World (I Tell Myself)" - Correatown
  • "Revival" - Soulsavers

Title ReferenceEdit

This episodes' title references the song Crash Into Me, originally sung by Dave Matthews Band


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