Crime And Punishment

December 3, 2008
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"Crime And Punishment" is the eight episode of the second season of Private Practice and the 17th produced episode of the series. It is also the 104th produced episode of the Grey's Anatomy franchise. It was broadcast on December 3, 2008.

Violet is tested when a patient claims to have shot his wife in assisted suicide and she seeks Kevin's advice to try and deduce whether or not he is telling the truth about the circumstances of her death. Addison and Charlotte work together to save the life of a pregnant woman in a coma and her unborn child as Addison continues to tend to Kevin and Charlotte tries to make amends with Cooper. Meg stirs up emotions when she begins working out of the practice and performs Oceanside Wellness' first abortion.



  • "You Have Been Loved - Sia
  • "Achin' All The Time - Ray Lamontagne


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