Derek Shepherd

Portrayed by Patrick Dempsey

Episode Count
First Appearance
"A Hard Day's Night"
Grey's Anatomy, 1x01
Last Appearance
"She's Leaving Home Part 1", "You're My Home"
Grey's Anatomy, 11x22 11x25
Derek Christopher Shepherd
Family Members
Dr. Derek Christopher Shepherd was a surgical attending, specializing in neurosurgery, and former Chief of Surgery, at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. After receiving the settlement from the plane crash, he used his share to become a board member of the newly named Grey Sloan Hospital

Character HistoryEdit

Grey's Anatomy, Season 1Edit

Derek arrives at Seattle Grace Hospital as the new Head of Neurosurgery from New York City. He is a Bowdoin College graduate and attended Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. Derek was a student of the Chief and was asked to come with an "offer he couldn’t refuse" – offering him the position of Chief of Surgery, even though he had already promised it to Preston Burke. Shortly after arriving, he meets Meredith Grey(Ellen Pompeo), only to discover that she is a new surgical intern at the hospital where he has recently begun working. Although she initially rejects his advances, Meredith eventually agrees to date Derek. His personality and good looks earn him the nickname "McDreamy" among Meredith and her friends. Their relationship comes to a sudden halt, however, when Derek’s estranged wife Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh) arrives in Seattle, making it clear that she wants to give their marriage another try. 

Grey's Anatomy, Season 2Edit

He struggles over the decision, Derek returns to Addison. Their attempts to repair their marriage are strained when Derek confesses he had fallen in love with Meredith, and he becomes jealous when she begins to date again. While Meredith has a new boyfriend, Finn Dandridge (Chris O'Donnell), she and Derek sleep together at the hospital prom, with Derek confessing his love to Meredith the next day. Derek initially feels guilty for hurting Addison, but is angry when she seeks solace with his former best friend Mark Sloan (Eric Dane), with whom she had previously had an affair. Meredith dates both Derek and Finn for a brief period, ultimately choosing to be with Derek. 

Grey's Anatomy, Season 3Edit

After an accident at the scene of a ferry crash, Derek saves Meredith from drowning. Meredith becomes increasingly depressed after the event, causing a growing disconnection between them. It becomes obvious they may not make it and that he wants it more than she does. Derek finally divorces Addison because he is still in love with Meredith and Addison reveals to Derek the truth about her relationship with Mark after their divorce becomes final. 

Grey's Anatomy, Season 4Edit

Meredith and Derek "break up" although they are still in love with each other, this leads to them having a lot of break up sex. Towards the middle of the season Derek flirts with a scrub nurse names Rose, and eventually kisses her. When Meredith finds out she ends the little of a relationship she had with Derek at the time and Rose and Derek start to date. Meredith begins a clinical trial with Derek. Addison comes back to Seattle and pushes Meredith to fight for Derek. When Derek and Meredith's clinical trial comes to an end and has a success Meredith and Derek's relationship is reinstated. It is shown Meredith and Derek making out in a "House of candles" and Derek leaves to go break up with Rose.

Grey's Anatomy, Season 5Edit

As Meredith and Derek's relationship goes ahead in a positive direction, Derek agrees to move in with Meredith. Eventually Derek's mother comes to town to visit him and where he work and finds out that he has been dating someone that he really loves. At the end before his mother leaves, she shows a ring that has been passed down, and thus having derek thinking about the perfect way to propose to Meredith. When Derek has a bad time with a patient he becomes a drunk. Meredith, after finding out about the ring, confronts Derek and having then Derek hits the ring into the woods with a baseball bat. After a while he has friends confront him about coming back to the job he recently quit, he gets yelled at by former chief of surgery Richard Webber. Eventually he proposes in the elevator of the hospital by telling a life story about surgery.

Grey's Anatomy, Season 6Edit

Meredith and Derek consummate their wedding everywhere they go. Derek took Richard Webber's job as chief due to his drinking problems. Derek let Webber have a job as an attending for general surgery. Dr. Webber had a patient named Allison Clarke who suffered complications from a suffered complications from her condition which led her to be put on life support. The hospital had to abide by her will to be taken off the machine in which her husband Gary Clarke begged Chief Shepherd and Webber not to do but they had to. Lexie, the resident on that case was the one who took Allison off the life support machine. Gary Clarke blamed Derek for his wife's death and tried to sue the hospital but failed. In the two hour season finale Gary Clarke went on shooting spree in the hospital with the intention to kill Richard Webber, Lexie Grey and Derek Shepherd. Derek was shot but did not die from the injuries he sustained although it did lead to his resignation in season 7 as Chief of Surgery.

Grey's Anatomy, Season 7 Edit

Grey's Anatomy, Season 8Edit

Grey's Anatomy, Season 9Edit

Grey's Anatomy, Season 10Edit

Grey's Anatomy, Season 11Edit



Zola Shepherd (Daughter)(Adopted)

Derek Bailey Shepherd (Son)

Ellis Shepherd (Daughter)


Meredith Grey (wife)


Neurosurgeon at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hosptital


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