Derek Shepherd
Portrayed by Patrick Dempsey
Derek Shepherd
Bad Shepherd, McDreary
Physical, Neurosurgery Attending
Family Members
Dr. Derek Shepherd is an attending, specializing in neurosurgery, at Seattle Grace Hospital

Character HistoryEdit

Grey's Anatomy, Season 8Edit

Relation to Derek ShepherdEdit

Derek Shepherd of the If/Then universe differs significantly from that of his original timeline counterpart.

He appears to be living happily with his wife Addison, with Seattle Grace couples aspiring to become "the next Shepherds". Despite their seemingly good marriage, Derek struggles to connect with his wife and often spends his free time at his trailer. His inability to tell Addison that he loves her and his reluctance to meet school boards, reaches a climax when Addison leaves him for his friend, Mark Sloan.

Ellis Grey (Webber) notifies Derek of the dislike for him in the hospital, particularly from residents who refer to him as McDreary. Unmotivated and reluctant to teach, the chief makes it clear that she prefers his wife over him and would fire him should their arguments become more prominent in the hospital.

Linking with the original timeline, Derek goes on to meet Meredith at Joe's Bar having learned of his wife's affair. It is then on implied that Meredith and Derek's stories progress as originally told.

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