Eric Rodriguez

Portrayed by Cristián de la Fuente

Episode Count
First Appearance
"In Or Out"
Private Practice, PP4x05
Last Appearance
"Blind Love"
Private Practice, 4x13
Eric Rodriguez
Physician, Oncologist
Family Members
None Known
Dr. Eric Rodriguez is an oncologist working at St. Ambrose Hospital

Character HistoryEdit

Private Practice, Season 4Edit

Eric, is first seen during season 4 when he is introduced as a cancer doctor. He is there to try to help a baby that has cancer, though the baby ends up getting surgery, his character is first introduced in this episode. Later in episode 11, Eric comes back when Addison needs a second opinion helping Susan who has stage 4 ovarian cance. Obvisouly the man is a good doctor if Addison is calling him for help.



As far as we know Eric is not married, and also, as far as we know he has no kids.

Romantic LifeEdit

In season 4; Eric seems to show an interest in Addison, and even asks her out for dinner. Addison was still with Sam at the time, and rejects his offer. When Eric comes back to help Addison with Susan (S4E11) the first thing he says to Addison is that he thought she called him back because she was finally agreeing to have dinner with him.


Dr. Rodriguez first arrives at the hospital, and presents himself as a doctor with a specialty in cancer.He arrives there to help Addison with a baby who has cancer. He must be a great doctor because Addsion calls him because she needs a second opinion, when Susan (Addison's mother's life partner) has stage 4 ovarian cancer. Dr.Rodriguez is also very well respected by the doctors at St.Ambrose Hospital and staff


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