Erica Warner

Portrayed by A.J Langer

Episode Count
First Appearance
"Deal With It"
Private Practice, 5x03
Last Appearance
"It Was Inevitable"
Private Practice, 5x18
Erica Warner
None Known
Family Members
Erica Warner is the mother of Cooper Freedman's son Mason Warner

Character HistoryEdit

She met Cooper when she was a bartender, they finished the night in her car and he just left. She discovers some weeks later that she was pregnant and didn't call Cooper because she was afraid that he would ask her to have an abortion. She gave birth to Mason 8 months later. 8 years later, she came back to Los Angeles to introduce Mason to his father. Amelia and Charlotte then discover that she suffers from a brain tumor. Then, Amelia, Cooper, Charlotte, Mason, and Erica go to Seattle so that Erica can have a surgery that may be able to help her, performed by Amelia and her brother Derek. She is first saved, but later, Amelia discovers that she has metastasis, which means she is condemned. She asks Charlotte to be a mother for her son and says to her son that she's proud of him and she loves him more than anything in the world. Although she has still 1 week to live, she refuses to see Mason because she didn't want him to remember her mother in a such bad health. But at the last moment, she tells Charlotte she wants to see Mason. Mason comes in the room, takes his mother in his arms, says that he loves her, then she dies in her son's arms.


Erica has a close and loving relationship with her son, Mason. She later becomes friends with Cooper, Mason's father and Charlotte, Cooper's wife.


Her mother is dead. Mason mentions that he is scared his mother is dead during her first stint at the hospital after the car accident because no one will let him see her. He then goes on to say that his grandmother died in the hospital, and he was unable to see her as well. When Mason said goodbye to his mom, he asked her to say hello to his grandma if she sees her.

Romantic LifeEdit

Not a lot of thing are know about Erica's romantic life, but Mason tell once to Cooper that all his stepfather was nul.


She was a bartender and after a waitress.


She once spit on a 6 years old kid who was bullying Mason, who was 3 at the time.

She is really proud that Cooper is Mason's father.

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