Grey's Anatomy is a American serialized medical drama that airs on ABC.


Intern (and eventual attending) Meredith Grey is caught up in personal and professional passions with fellow doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital


Meredith Grey- Ellen Pompeo

Miranda Bailey- Chandra Wilson

Richard Webber- James Pickens Jr.

Alex Karev- Justin Chambers

April Kepner- Sarah Drew

Jackson Avery- Jesse Williams

Jo Wilson- Camilla Luddington

Stephanie Edwards- Jerrika Hinton

Maggie Pierce- Kelly McCreary

Nathan Riggs- Martin Henderson

Andrew DeLuca- Giacomo Gianniotti

Arizona Robbins- Jessica Capshaw

Amelia Shepard- Caterina Scorsone

Owen Hunt- Kevin McKidd



 Grey's Anatomy is currently in it's 13th season and as of February 10th 2017, Grey's has been renewed for season 14. Grey's Anatomy aired on March 27th 2005 as a filler. The producer of this show is Shonda Rhimes. Rhimes is also the producer of Scandal, Private Practice, How to get away with murder and more. The original cast consisted of Merideth Grey, Derek Shepard (Merideth's love interest and husband), Alex Karev (Friend and colleague), Cristina Yang ("Person" and colleague), Izzie Stevens (Roommate, friend and colleague), George O'Mally (Roommate, friend and colleague), Miranda Bailey (Resident), Preston Burke (Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery and Cristina's love interest) and Richard Webber (Chief of surgery). The show takes place in Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital as of 2012. Originally it was called Seattle Grace Hospital (2005- 2010). It was also called Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital (2010- 2012).


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