Grey's Anatomy, Season 11
Season No.
September 25, 2014 - May 14, 2015
No. Of Episodes
DVD Release
Season Eleven of Grey's Anatomy initially aired on September 25, 2014 with the premiere episode on ABC and ended on May 14, 2015 with the season finale. The season comprises of 24 episodes.


Plot PointsEdit


Principle CastEdit

Season ten featured 15 actors appearing in a starring billing. All season ten cast members returned for the tenth year with the exception of Sandra Oh, Gaius Charles and Tessa Ferrer. Oh's Cristina and Charles' Shane both departed for Zurich in the previous season finale while Ferrer's Leah made her final appearance in the season finale after being fired in the penultimate episode. The season also featured Caterina Scorsone being promoted to a series regular as Amelia. Scorsone previously starred in Private Practice's fourth, fifth and sixth seasons (which ran concurrently to Grey's Anatomy's seventh, eighth and ninth) and Scorsone also guest starred in six Grey's Anatomy episodes, including the four final Season 10 episodes.

Season stars Pompeo, Chambers, McKidd, Capshaw, Williams, Luddington and Hinton appear in all 12 currently aired eleventh season episodes.

* Credited from "All I Could Do Was Cry" onward, recurring beforehand


I Must Have Lost It On The Wind

Episode number: 01
Original air date: September 25, 2014
Plot: With Cristina gone and her marriage on the rocks as Derek readies to move to D.C, Meredith finds her life in a state of flux as a deadly wind sweeps over Seattle. Meanwhile Maggie attempts to make a good impression on Meredith, her half-sister, but her efforts may be in vain as the two come to blows over a patient, culminating in an operating room showdown while treating a patient who lost his family and Maggie's presence has a profound effect on Richard, who finds himself revisiting parts of his past he'd put behind him, unknowingly letting Amelia in his secret. In the wake of Cristina's departure, the doctors try to rally behind Owen while Bailey and Alex learn they will have to compete for Yang's seat on the board when they learn the vacancy will be decided by a board vote. Derek makes a decision about his future while Callie and Arizona both find their decision to have a surrogacy jeopardized.
Recurring characters: Geena Davis as Nicole Herman, Jason George as Ben Warren, Sally Pressman as Ellis Grey and Kelly McCreary as Maggie Pierce


Puzzle With A Piece Missing

Episode number: 02
Original air date: October 2, 2014
Plot: Maggie continues to find her niche at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital as she continues to navigate the personal and professional complications of her secret lineage, especially as she and Meredith continue to clash especially when the come to blows over Maggie's treatment of an elderly patient wishing to die on her own terms. Meanwhile, Owen struggles to let Maggie out of Cristina's shadow when he discovers she is still investigating Cristina's last patient's condition while Jo inadvertently jeopardizes Alex's future when she discloses his board seat nomination to Maggie, which leads to his practice discovering the truth. Callie and Arizona continue to disagree on whether they should persue a surrogacy or whether Arizona should accept her fellowship while, both aware of Maggie's parentage, Richard and Amelia both try to find their own ways to push Maggie towards connecting with Meredith.
Recurring characters: Kelly McCreary as Maggie Pierce


Got To Be Real

Episode number: 03
Original air date: October 9, 2014
Plot: Alex and Bailey prepare to face the board in order for them to elect one of them to Cristina's vacant seat, but Alex finds himself distracted by Meredith who turns to him in order to help deal with Maggie's life-altering revelation, leading the two to delve further into Ellis Grey's past. Meanwhile, Jo grows concerned that Alex and Meredith's friendship is interfereing in her relationship, and Maggie continues to confide in Richard, pushing him to finally tell her the truth about his relationship with Ellis. Owen tries to convince Callie to continue her work on army veterans injured in the field, but the two find themselves at professional odds when Owen pushes Callie too far. Meanwhile, having decided to stay in Seattle, Derek finds himself competing with Amelia for leadership of the neurosurgery department and, with Callie already distracted by her veteran's project, Arizona struggles to balance her fellowship and leading her department, making her question her commitment to having another child.
Recurring characters: Geena Davis as Nicole Herman and Kelly McCreary as Maggie Pierce


Only Mama Knows

Episode number: 04
Original air date: October 16, 2014
Plot: In an attempt to reconsile the discover of her half-sister, Meredith goes searching through her mother's diaries and old video footage as both she and Richard find themselves dealing with their memories of Ellis Grey. Meredith attempts to piece together the parts of her childhood she can't remember, including her mother's suicide attempt and pregnancy, while Richard grapples with the consequences of the decisions he made during his residency, all while cautiously avoiding Maggie. Meanwhile, Meredith's refusal to confide in Derek the truth about her half-sister further fuels their fight while Maggie drops a bombshell when she resigns from Grey Sloan Memorial, prompting new board member Bailey into action in order to keep her on the staff. Elsewhere, Alex is dejected to learn that the board vote wasn't as contentious as Arizona led him to believe while Arizona continues to struggle balancing her role as department head and her fellowship.
Recurring characters: Sally Pressman as Younger Ellis Grey, J. August Richards as Younger Richard Webber, Kelly McCreary as Maggie Pierce and Kate Burton as Ellis Grey


Bend And Break

Episode number: 05
Original air date: October 23, 2014
Plot: Callie and Arizona are forced to face up to the band-aids they've placed on their relationship after their plan to expand their family causes them to reassess everything they've been through as old scars from Arizona's departure, Callie's pregnancy, the plane crash and Arizona's infidelity are forced to the surface. During a 30 day trial separation, the couple find themselves reconciling who they were before they met and who they've become, both as a unity and individuals. Meanwhile, Callie continues to throw herself into her veterans project while finding a confident in Meredith while Arizona continues to try and impress Dr. Herman, while also struggling with letting Alex assume control of her pediatric practice.
Recurring characters: Geena Davis as Nicole Herman


Don't Let's Start

Episode number: 06
Original air date: November 6, 2014
Plot: Derek urges Meredith to attempt to build bridges between herself, Maggie and Richard by inviting them to a family dinner, but the arrangement does little to repair the damage between Richard and Maggie and also highlights the fractures in Derek and Meredith's marriage. Elsewhere, Owen and Jo both find themselves dealing with the personal implications of a former vet who arrives in the E.R after a car jacking, forcing Jo to confess her fears about her relationship with Alex, while Bailey's patient makes her reassess her own approach to her health after a heartburn turns into something much more sinister. April faces the arrival of her mother to Seattle and her mother's unwelcome enthusiasm about her baby preparations forces April to try and reconcile her role as a mother and a doctor, and her issues in her relationship with her mother while, still reeling from her separation from Callie, Arizona finds herself pushes one step too far by Dr. Herman as she tries to put her all into her fellowship.
Recurring characters: Geena Davis as Nicole Herman, Jason George as Ben Warren, Connie Ray as Karen Kepner and Kelly McCreary as Maggie Pierce


Could We Start Again, Please?

Episode number: 07
Original air date: November 13, 2014
Plot: When the doctors are faced with the survivors of a house fire, Amelia's tragic past comes back to haunt her when her patient's daughter exposes her addiction to the rest of the hospital's staff. As Amelia finds herself struggling with her past catching up with her, Owen's concerns about her surgical ability forces Derek to choose between protecting his sister or reclaiming leadership of his department. Meanwhile, Meredith tries to make amends with Maggie after their failed attempt at a family dinner and Bailey oversees Jo's first solo procedure, but Jo soon discovers that things may not have gone as smoothly as she first believed. Arizona, still reeling from Herman's life-altering revelation, finds herself forced into action when Herman takes an unexplained absence, leaving Arizona and April to fight for the life of an expectant mother and her child.
Recurring characters: Geena Davis as Nicole Herman and Kelly McCreary as Maggie Pierce



Episode number: 08
Original air date: November 20, 2014
Plot: When Meredith and Maggie disagree with Derek over the correct course of treatment for a patient, it bring matters between Meredith and Derek to a head as they are forced to face the issues in their marriage head on, an issue exacerbated when the President continues to try and lure Derek back to the brain mapping initiative, while Richard finds his attempts to give Maggie space further complicated by Meredith and Derek. Meanwhile, Arizona grows increasingly concerned about Herman's ability to operate and strives to discover more about her prognosis, bringing Amelia into the fold, while Jo confronts Alex about his commitment to their relationship. Callie worries she's pushing her veterans too far when a friendly competition has dire consequences for her patient and Stephanie finds herself in too deep when a routine ultrasound uncovers a devastating diagnosis for April and Jackson's child.
Recurring characters: Geena Davis as Nicole Herman and Kelly McCreary as Maggie Pierce


Where Do We Go From Here?

Episode number: 09
Original air date: January 29, 2015
Plot: The doctor's of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital must deal with the victims of a car accident caused by a mother, raising questions of whether she caused the accident intentionally, bringing Meredith and April's personal and professional lives into a collision course. Meredith tries to cope with balancing her role as a surgeon and a mother in the wake of Derek's departure to D.C, as the future of their marriage becomes less and less clear. April is devastated when Jackson reveals Stephanie's discovery that their unborn baby suffers from the fatal disorder osteogenesis imperfecta, prompting both Jackson and Owen to grow concerned about her stability. Meanwhile, Herman is furious when she discovers that Arizona and Amelia acquired the scans of her tumour, but Arizona tries to get through to her when Amelia believes she can save her life and Bailey faces a case that makes her question her role as a mother.
Recurring characters: Geena Davis as Nicole Herman and Kelly McCreary as Maggie Pierce


The Bed's Too Big Without You

Episode number: 10
Original air date: February 5, 2015
Plot: With Derek and Cristina both gone, Meredith is forced to face up to her loneliness now that she's sleeping alone without her partner or her person while she, Maggie and Bailey turn to 3D printing in order to better understand a patient's tumour and Alex begins to get an insight into exactly what taking over Cristina's role in Meredith's life entails. Meanwhile, Arizona begins testing on April and Jackson's unborn child's disorder and, while April tries to remain optimistic, Jackson attempts to approach the situation rationally, forcing their opposing religious views back into the forefront. Callie and Owen try to encourage each other to re-enter the dating world while, after attempting to explain her approach towards tackling Herman's tumour to the residents, Amelia begins to question her ability.
Recurring characters: Geena Davis as Nicole Herman, Kelly McCreary as Maggie Pierce and Connie Ray as Karen Kepner


All I Could Do Was Cry

Episode number: 11
Original air date: February 12, 2015
Plot: After Herman delivers the devastating news to April and Jackson that their baby will die after delivery, April finds herself hoping for a mircale but, as Jackson looks for a way to try and help his wife through her grief, April finds herself struggling to comprehend her grief and her faith, forcing her to question her belief in a fair and just God. Meanwhile, April and Jackson's plight bring back scars from scars from Amelia's and she tries to focus on preparing for Herman's surgery, but her practices force Stephanie to question Amelia's ethics while Catherine returns to Seattle to help her family through their ordeal, bringing her and Richard back into each other's lives. Meredith tries to find a way to spend the weekend visiting Derek while Bailey and Callie treat a woman admitted into the E.R with a gunshot wound, but their surgery soon uncovers secrets about the patient that even she was unaware of.
Recurring characters: Debbie Allen as Catherine Avery, Jason George as Ben Warren and Geena Davis as Nicole Herman


The Great Pretender

Episode number: 12
Original air date: February 19, 2015
Plot: Maggie becomes upset when Meredith evades her questions about her visit to D.C, leaving Meredith to question whether or not to tell her the truth about where she really went after Maggie reveals that she knows she didn't visit Derek while Richard begins to feel manipulated by Catherine as she uses him to ease her concern about Jackson after the loss of his son. Elsewhere, Herman begins to grow fond of Arizona after she discovers her trainee isn't as straight-laced as she first seems, as Herman also begins to take extreme measures to pass on her knowledge to Arizona, while Callie struggles with dipping her toe back in the dating scene. Bailey and Ben grow concerned when Ben's brother is admitted to the E.R after collapsing but during his treatment Bailey uncovers a secret that could tear Ben and his brother apart.
Recurring characters: Debbie Allen as Catherine Avery, Jason George as Ben Warren and Geena Davis as Nicole Herman


Staring At The End

Episode number: 13
Original air date: February 26, 2015
Plot: In the weeks leading up to Herman's surgery, all the eyes are on Amelia as she delivers a series of lectures on the increasingly complex surgery but, as she continues to try and put on a brave face, her inferiority complex regarding Derek soon finds her questioning if she taken on more than she can handle. Meanwhile, knowing the end is near, time is of the essence as Herman and Arizona push to get through all their foetal surgeries before the tumour invades the optic nerve, as Herman faces the rigours of radiation therapy and the reality of her increasing illness, while, Bailey approaches Herman hoping to persuade her to take on the case of a pregnant woman very close to her heart. Meanwhile, Owen tries to help Amelia, complicated by their shared kiss, while Stephanie finds herself forced to stand up for herself and her future as a surgeon and Callie begins to grow concerned about Arizona's well-being if Amelia isn't successful.
Recurring characters: Geena Davis as Nicole Herman


The Distance

Episode number: 14
Original air date: March 5, 2015
Plot: After Herman is taken into the O.R, Amelia and Stephanie begin to work on removing her tumour and, with a gallery full of spectators, Amelia soon discovers the task may be more difficult than she ever imagined and, with the shadow of Derek still looming over her, she is forced to do the impossible to save Nicole's life without. Meanwhile, Arizona faces her judgement day as, while growing increasingly concerned about her mentor's fate, is forced to fly solo for the first time as a foetal surgeon on Bailey's patient, with memories of Herman questioning her ability plaguing her mind, finds herself facing opposition from Bailey about the best way to course of action. Elsewhere, Owen and Callie grow concerned about their Amelia and Arizona should the surgery not go their way while Richard attempts to support Amelia through the biggest challenge of her career while April returns to the hospital for the first time since losing her son.
Recurring characters: Geena Davis as Nicole Herman and Jason George as Ben Warren


I Feel The Earth Move

Episode number: 15
Original air date: March 12, 2015
Plot: An earthquake shakes Seattle and sends a flood of patients into the O.R while the earthquake threatens to ruin Meredith's successful streak of surgeries, but her joy is short lived when Jo reveals when the streak begin, forcing her to question whether Derek's absence is helping or hindering her. Meanwhile, after Maggie is trapped in an elevator during the quake with a radiologist who asks her out for coffee and treating a patient with Callie forces her to reconsider her decision to step away from the dating scene while Owen, Amelia and Richard are forced to talk a young girl through saving her mother's life over the phone after they receive a call to the E.R. Jackson recruits Ben to work with him in plastics to try and get him to better understand his sister's situation while April's faces her first day back at work.
Recurring characters: Jason George as Ben Warren


Don't Dream It's Over

Episode number: 16
Original air date: March 19, 2015
Plot: An older man crashes a car into the house of a young, pregnant couple. It is quickly learned that the older man has Alzheimer's which brings back memories to Richard of his late wife, Adele. When the man wakes up from exploratory surgery, he seems magically cured of Alzheimer's but Amelia discovers that he suffers from NPH, which caused his memory loss. She offers to insert a shunt to prevent fluid from building up, but he denies, hoping to forget what he learns of the mother's fate. Initially, the young mother seems fine, but unbeknownst to her doctors, she is having a massive intracranial hemorrhage. She begins to seize and dies on the table, but the doctors manage to save her baby. The father is in critical condition, but with Stephanie's help, Meredith is able to keep her successful streak going. Arizona shows signs of jealousy when she sees Callie kissing another woman, but it turns out that the woman is a crazy ex-girlfriend of Arizona's. Richard tells Maggie about Ellis' fight with Alzheimer's and Maggie says that she knows she is genetically predisposed to the Alzheimer's gene. April and Jackson struggle to move on with their love life after the death of their baby, but April assures Jackson that she is no longer fragile. Meredith frets that Derek is cheating on her, but Callie, Alex, and Maggie promise he is not. After not answering his phone all day, Derek shows up on their doorstep, acknowledging that a woman answered his phone.


With Or Without You

Episode number: 17
Original air date: March 26, 2015
Plot: With Derek back in town, Meredith tries to distract herself from the idea of her husband cheating on her. Alex asks for her opinion on one of his cases and Meredith proposes a risky surgery. Alex feels as though Meredith is being reckless because of her streak, but Meredith disagrees. Owen surprisingly finds his mother in the ER after she fell in the shower. Owen learns that the young man who is with his mother is his mother's boyfriend. Owen becomes irritated with his mother and he lashes out at Amelia. Later Owen learns about his mom and John's relationship and comes to accept them. He later apologizes to Amelia and they have sex at the trailer. Jo has a patient that claims she is having headaches that cause nosebleeds, but Jo finds a leech living in her sinus cavities. With the help of April, Jo is able to pull it out of the patient's nose. Meredith's streak comes to an end when her patient dies, which she blames on Alex. Alex tries to comfort her with a hug and advice when he tells Meredith that she can yell at him, but she is really mad at Derek, not him. It is revealed that Derek did kiss his research fellow in Washington, D.C., but he confesses his love for Meredith. He says that he cannot live without her. Meredith responds by saying that she can live without Derek, but she does not ever want to have to.


When I Grow Up

Episode number: 18
Original air date: April 2, 2015
Plot: An elementary school field trip to Grey Sloan Memorial takes a wrong turn when victims of a bank robbery enter their way into the ER. A squad of police officers make their way to the hospital to support two of their own: brothers who were shot during the robbery. The suspect was a 15 year-old boy who is also undergoing surgery, but it turns out that he needs a liver. It turns out that a liver is a match with one of the brothers he shot in the robbery. Meredith must discuss the process of organ donation with the mother of the two police officers who were killed, but before she can get the mother's permission, Bailey jumps in asking about the liver for the boy. The mother denies permission for organ donation when she learns who the boy is. Callie is working on the leg of the commanding officer who expresses concern for the young boy. Mistaken as wanting to get even, the officer tells Callie that the boy was a child they were able to get into foster care. With this new information, Meredith is able to convince the mother to save the suspect's life by allowing the liver transplant. Derek comes back to work under Amelia, who thinks he will not be able to work at the hospital without trying to steal surgeries from her. Eventually, Amelia realizes that Derek is being sincere and is happy to be back home to his family and his job as her fellow. With prodding from Jo, Stephanie falls for one of the chaperones on the field trip, but to her surprise, the guy is a high school student. Callie gets asked out by the commanding officer, but she indirectly declines without explanation. Amelia confides in Derek that she is falling in love with Owen.


Crazy Love

Episode number: 19
Original air date: April 9, 2015
Plot: A local chef has his penis cut off by his wife when she finds out that he was with his sous chef. April, who takes over in the ER, calls Catherine Avery even though Richard requests her not to because of their recent troubles. Stephanie is quick on her feet with the preservation of the penis, and Catherine becomes quite impressed with how talented Stephanie is in the field of urology that she verbally offers her a future fellowship with her in Boston. Amelia and Callie tag team a prodigy golfer who has a misaligned spine. With differing professional opinions about how to correct it, Owen mediates and approves of Amelia's approach. Amelia's approach quickly goes downhill, and Ben must quickly retrieve Callie to implement her own approach. Because the results of the surgery were not as desired, Amelia blames Owen for interfering with her progress of starting over since she lost her fiancé. The sous chef visits her boss after his surgery, and out of anger that he took back his wife, she cuts off his penis again. Stephanie gets it back, but she realizes, with the penis in her hand, that urology is not the specialty for her. After arguing about their careers and their priorities, Richard and Catherine proclaim their love for each other. Derek leaves Meredith one last time to wrap things up in D.C.; however, Meredith gets a call from the White House saying Derek never showed up for his meeting, making her wonder where he is.


One Flight Down

Episode number: 20
Original air date: April 16, 2015
Plot: A plane crash in downtown Seattle brings a crop of new patients to Grey Sloan Memorial and old memories back to Meredith, Arizona and Owen. Meredith tries to make it through the day without freaking out about not knowing where Derek is; Bailey gives her a 5:00 pm time frame for freaking out. Alex sticks close to Arizona to make sure that she is okay, but she finds him more annoying than helpful. Alex tells Arizona that it was he who cut off her leg, not Callie. When asked, Callie tells Arizona that she was the one to make the call anyway and she wanted her to have Alex and just be mad at her alone. Owen and Amelia's separation becomes exacerbated when he is reminded of how he "failed his men" when he hired the service of the plane that went down with his doctors on it. Stephanie, who is obsessed with finding love, is determined to make her patient remember the pilot with whom she fell in love. The clock finally strikes 5:00 pm, but when Meredith goes to the phone to call Derek, she sees lights from a cop car pulling in her drive.


How to Save a Life

Episode number: 21
Original air date: April 23, 2015
Plot: On his way to the airport, a car flies around Derek and crashes into another. Derek runs over to a car and finds a mother and her daughter. Knowing they are okay, he runs over to the speeding car to assess their injuries. The girl is in shock and sick to her stomach, but the boy is missing. Derek finds him wandering down the road; he experienced massive head trauma, resulting in short-term memory loss. Help, alerted by the smoke from the boy's car which blew up, comes soon enough to haul everyone to the closest hospital. Derek gets back in his car, starts to pull away, stops to answer his phone, and is T-boned by a semi-truck. He is rushed to the ER, where he is awake but unable to speak. Subconsciously, he is telling the doctors what to do, but not one doctor does what needs done: a head CT. The neurosurgeon is paged multiple times, but he is at a dinner, which delays his arrival. He finally gets to the hospital, but it is too late: Derek is declared brain-dead. After the required hours of waiting for some signal of brain activity have passed, Meredith signs the papers to terminate. The nurse begins to turn off all the machines, and right before she pulls out the breathing tube, Meredith stops her. Memories of her life with Derek fill her head. Finally, the nurse is given permission to remove the tube, and Derek takes his final breath.


She's Leaving Home

Episode number: 22
Original air date: April 30, 2015
Plot: Part One: Meredith returns to Grey Sloan Memorial to reveal the news of Derek’s death. Most of the doctors experience the usual sadness and tears, all except one. Amelia hides behind morbid jokes about her brother being dead, which catches her colleagues off guard. After the funeral, Meredith goes AWOL. No one knows where she is, and except for a note left behind that says she and the kids are okay, no one can reach her to ask her whereabouts. Bailey and Ben argue about how they want to be cared for if anything ever happens to them. Bailey wants to be let go, while Ben wants every extraordinary measure to be taken. Richard prepares to ask for Catherine's hand in marriage, but she rejects him before he can even kneel on one knee. Dan, Callie's chief of police one-time date, makes his way back into the hospital, creating an awkward patient-boyfriend dynamic that Callie does not like. Owen and April go overseas for what was an original 3-month, military surgical training program, but April keeps extending her leave despite Jackson's pleas for her to come home. Jackson and Jo work on a pair of burn victims who bond over their circumstances and the loss of a bad boyfriend. Almost a year passes since Meredith took off, but Alex finally receives a call from Meredith telling him everyone is fine and to stop calling. In Ellis-like fashion, Meredith, who has run away, is very pregnant, but she is the only one who knows. Part Two: Callie continues to work with Dan after she had to amputate his leg. During therapy, she helps him learn to walk with one of her robotic limbs that she fondly remembers she created with Derek. Amelia has an emotional breakdown at the hospital, which leads to her buying drugs. Owen finds her at Meredith and Derek's house, where she is seriously thinking about taking the drugs. Owen is able to coax her out of it, and Amelia confronts her feelings head-on and without drugs for the first time since the death of her baby. On Valentine's Day, Ben shows Bailey that it is in his will that if something happens, he wants to be unplugged like Bailey; however, Bailey does not like this new decision of his, as she had just learned to accept his wanting to live at all costs. April surprises Jackson by returning from her military leave with no warning, and Catherine comes around and proposes—in front of the whole hospital—to Richard, who happily accepts. The parallels between Meredith and her mother, Ellis, continue as Meredith begins to bleed in the kitchen. Holding her belly, she tells Zola to dial 9-1-1. Just as Meredith saved Ellis' life, Zola saved Meredith's. Meredith delivers a healthy baby girl, who she names Ellis. To Meredith's surprise, Alex shows up at the hospital because he was listed as her emergency contact person. They all return to Seattle, where she finally decides that she must move on and start over.


Time Stops

Episode number: 23
Original air date: May 7, 2015
Plot: With the collapse of a tunnel sending multiple victims to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, April, Maggie, Amelia and Meredith take off to the site to help rescue others. Richard, now serving as interim Chief of Surgery since Owen resigned, is giving his famous first day speech to the new round of interns. It’s also Richard and Catherine’s wedding day and while it starts out great, it quickly turns sour when Catherine and Richard begin to fight. After Meredith decides that she can’t save a patient, Amelia asks her when she knows that nothing else can be done to save them. She continues to berate Meredith about how she let Derek die without calling her to save him. Meredith, not able to feel at home without Derek, asks Alex if she and the kids can move back in with him and Jo. Richard calls off his wedding. Jackson tells Owen that he and April aren’t on the same page since her trip overseas, Alex and Jo hit a rough spot and Maggie receives bad news from her mom. April, being the new her, brings one of the trapped patients (still in his car) to the hospital.


You're My Home

Episode number: 24
Original air date: May 14, 2015
Plot: With only having five minutes to get April's patient out of the car to the operating table, Stephanie’s interns have to help make a clear path. Alex asks Jo if it’s okay if Meredith and the kids move in, which Jo misunderstands as Alex wanting to plant roots and have a family with Meredith. Alex clarifies his question, so Jo goes out to buy a fixer-upper for just her and Alex. Meredith tries to repair the damage between Amelia and her by allowing Amelia to hear the last voice mail that Derek left on Meredith’s phone. April tells Jackson that she wants to go back overseas, but he gives her an ultimatum: she can go, but if she does, he won’t be there when she gets back. Richard tells Bailey that she will be the next chief of surgery, but Catherine won’t have it. The couple begin to argue again, so Meredith plays the “my husband is dead” card, and she tells them to work out whatever it is that’s causing their separation. Richard and Catherine compromise their differences; one of which is Bailey having to run against an outside candidate of Catherine’s choice. By working out their differences, Richard and Catherine get married in the hospital’s chapel, and they have their reception at Meredith and Derek’s house. During the party, Maggie tells Meredith that her parents are getting divorced, and that the reason why she didn’t tell her before was because her problems seemed so trivial to Meredith’s. Meredith comforts Maggie by saying she can always talk to her, and they "dance-it-out."



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