Grey's Anatomy Original Soundtrack: Volume 4
Release Date
September 13, 2011
Atlantic Records


Grey's Anatomy Original Soundtrack: Volume 4 is the fifth Grey's Anatomy soundtrack released. The soundtrack features music from the series' seventh season from episode "With You I'm Born Again" to "Unaccompanied Minor"


  1. Get Some - Lykke Li
  2. Heart On Fire - Scars On 45
  3. Way To The Future - Katie Herzig
  4. Second Chance - Peter, Bjorn & John
  5. Old Fashioned - Cee-Lo Green
  6. England - The National
  7. Stare Into The Sun - Graffiti6
  8. Worried About - Lissie
  9. Salt In The Wound - Delta Spirit
  10. Further - Correatown
  11. The Infidel - The Republic Tigers
  12. In Front Of You - The Quiet Kind
  13. Entwined - Tim Myers
  14. Both Sides Are Even - The Boxer Rebellion

With music strecthing across the seventh season and one song featured in the eighth; the earliest dating tracks go back as far as "With You I'm Born Again" with Delta Spirit's "Salt In The Wound" which was featured in the episode's closing moments alongside "Stare Into The Sun" by Graffiti6. Tracks such as "Worried About" by Lissie and "Further" by Correatown also made early seventh season appearances in the episodes "Superfreak" and "Can't Fight Biology" respectivly. Music featured during the middle of the season includes The National's "England" featured during the coda of "Start Me Up" and Lykke Li's "Get Some" and the album-closing "Both Sides Are Even" by The Boxer Rebellion both featured in "Don't Deceive Me (Please Don't Go)"

Much of the music on the album was featured in the final three episodes of the season, with "White Wedding" providing Cee-Lo Green's "Old Fashioned" and "The Infidel" by The Republic Tigers; "I Will Survive" boasting Tim Myers' "Entwined" and Peter, Bjorn & John's "Second Chance". The season finale "Unaccompanied Minor" provided the track "Way To The Future" by Katie Herzig and "In Front You You" by The Quiet Kind which was featured in the last scenes of the season.

Finally, "Heart On Fire" by Scars On 45 is the last song on the compliation to appear on Grey's Anatomy, making an appearance in the promotional material for both the soundtrack and the eighth season. The song was also offered as a free download for a limited time by ABC's Music Lounge.

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