Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital (formerly Seattle Grace Hospital and Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital), is the foremost hospital in the Seattle area.


Seattle Grace HospitalEdit

Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital Edit

The InvasionEdit

A New Chief Edit

The Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital ShootingEdit

The Alzheimer's TrialsEdit

The Plane Crash And LawsuitEdit

Grey Sloan Memorial HospitalEdit

Conflicts With The Harper Avery FoundationEdit


  • Dr. Miranda Bailey (General Surgery, Chief Of Surgery)


General SurgeryEdit

Cardiothoracic SurgeryEdit

Pediatric SurgeryEdit

Neonatal SurgeryEdit

Dr. Amelia Shepherd

Plastic SurgeryEdit

Orthopedic SurgeryEdit

Trauma SurgeryEdit



None known


Former StaffEdit

Status UnknownEdit

Other DepartmentsEdit


  • The hospital has undergone three name changes; it was originally named Seattle Grace, became Seattle Grace Mercy West in "Invasion" after the Seattle Grace/Mercy West Merger and was finally renamed Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital in "Transplant Wasteland" after the Harper Avery foundation bought the hospital.
  • Grey Sloan Seven are Derek, Meredith, Cristina, Arizona, Callie, Jackson and Richard.

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