Isobel Stevens

Portrayed by Katherine Heigl

Episode Count
First Appearance
"A Hard Day's Night"
Grey's Anatomy, 1x01
Last Appearance
Isobel Katherine Stevens
Izzie, Dr. Model, Cricket
Physician, Surgical Resident
Family Members
Robbie Stevens - Mother
Alex Karev - Ex-Husband
Hannah Klein - Biological daughter
Denny Duquette - Fiance
Dr. Isobel "Izzie" Katherine Stevens is a former surgical resident at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital who tf made this??? "dr.isobel "izzie" katherine stevens is a former surgical resident at seattle grace mercy west hospital" wHERE is the rest??? did it juSt fly off of the screen?? her charcter made such a great impact on the show and she was in it for six seasons. SIX. and this is all she gets??????? nopenopenope, how dare yall. smh. sHAKING MY H E A D.

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