James Peterson

Portrayed by Matt Long

Episode Count
First Appearance
Last Appearance
"In Which We Say Goodbye"
Private Practice, 6x13
James Peterson
None Known
Family Members
Father, retired English teacher; Mother, homemaker; Grandmother, deceased.
Dr. James Peterson is an attending physician, specializing in emergency medicine, at St. Ambrose Hospital

Character HistoryEdit

Private Practice, Season 6Edit

Hired by Chief-of-Staff Dr. Charlotte King as Dr. Pete Wilder's replacement following his untimely death, Dr. James Peterson is the newest emergency medicine attending physician at St. Ambrose Hospital in Los Angeles, California. James has proven himself to be a very astute and intuituve medical practitioner, sometimes clashing with the doctors of Seaside Wellness, but always keeping the best interests of patients in mind. During his very first shift at St. Ambrose, he requested a consult from Dr. Amelia Shepherd on a neurological case who initially dismissed his concerns. He then discovered a life-threatening epidural abscess with progressive neurological symptoms, which Dr. Shepherd later acknowledged and performed emergency surgery on. His dogged persistence saved the patient's life.  He also diagnosed a young girl with bacterial meningitis and saved her life when his intern had diagnosed her with the flu and would have sent her home. Though he is strict and rigid with rules and regulations, sometimes clashing with his colleagues, he is a compassionate doctor with a friendly demeanor, employing a warm and caring bedside manner toward all of his patients.



Born and raised in the Dixon County, Tennessee area; he is the only child of two parents.  His father is a retired English teacher. Appears to have a close-knit relationship with his parents. Self-described as being very close to his late grandmother who passed away from cancer.

Romantic LifeEdit

Was engaged to Dr. Amelia Shepherd, until she moved to Seattle and called it off.


Attended Stanford University School of Medicine. Completed emergency medicine residency and fellowship at University of Southern California. Currently is an attending physician within the ED at St. Ambrose Hospital in Los Angeles, California.


 Has completed an Ironman Triathalon. Only purchases American made automobiles. Is a conservative Republican and a Christian, supporting positions on pro-life and the death penalty, citing biblical principles. Has subscription to the Wall Street Journal, asserting that The New York Times has a lack of objectivity and left-sided bias due to his belief that all of The New York Times' reporters are progressive writers. Has a standing reserved chef's table overlooking the kitchen at his favorite Italian restaurant, because he saved the chef's daughter's life. Eats dinner at Billy's on North Canon in Los Angeles every Friday, for its reportedly "really, really good fries."

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