Jo Wilson

Portrayed by Camilla Luddington

Episode Count
First Appearance
"Going, Going, Gone"
Grey's Anatomy, 9x01
Last Appearance
"Falling Slowly"
Grey's Anatomy, 13x04
Josephine Wilson
Jo, Princess, Hobo Jo
Family Members
None Known
Dr. Josephine "Jo" Wilson is a surgical resident at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital

Character HistoryEdit

Abandoned by mother in a firehouse at three weeks old. She completed her undergraduate degree at Princeton University and graduated top of her class with an M.D from Harvard University.

Grey's Anatomy, Season 9Edit

She seems like a bright and hardworking intern.She is working under Meredith Grey,who after the plane crash and everyone dying or leaving has become very bitter.She sets up Jo for the intern test,telling her shes the most competent, but actually sets her as the example of failure for the rest of the interns when Jo is unable to perform the surgery.When Jo is crying in the hallway about messing up the surgery,Hunt reveals to her the truth & tells her Meredith is not mean but only a good resident and teacher.

Grey's Anatomy, Season 10Edit

Jo and Alex finally are together, only for Alex's Dad to come back into his life via the ER and drive a wedge between them. However Jo doesn't give up and continues to fight for Alex and his Dad to reconcile.

Grey's Anatomy, Season 11Edit

Jo feels insecure or possibly even jealous on the relationship formed between Meredith Grey & Alex Karev when Cristina Yang departs from the show.

Grey's Anatomy, Season 12 Edit

it is revealed to the audience that jo is hiding her real identity in order to protect herself from her violent ex husband, of whom she is running from.

Grey's Anatomy, Season 13 Edit

The show is still on, and planning on continuing to go on until 2018.Edit


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