Let The Truth Sting

October 11, 2007
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"Let The Truth Sting" is the third episode of the fourth season of Grey's Anatomy and the 64th produced episode of the series. It is also the 67th produced episode of the Grey's Anatomy franchise. It was broadcast on October 11, 2007.

Cristina discovers that Meredith and Derek have rekindled their relationship prompting Meredith to question if she should keep things under wraps. A recently awoken coma patient has a few truths for the hospital staff, particularly Izzie who soon realizes the reality of her situation while George tries to come clean to Callie about the state of their marriage. Alex struggles with his new intern and Mark and Richard try a new, radical procedure.



"Doctors give patients a number of things: we give them medicine, we give them advice and most of the time we give them our undivided attention. But by far the hardest thing you can give a patient is the truth. The truth is hard, the truth is awkward and very often the truth hurts. I mean, people say they want the truth but do they really?"
"The truth is painful. Deep down no one wants to hear it, especially when it hits close to home. Sometimes we tell the truth because the truth is all we have to give. Sometimes we tell the truth because we need to say it out loud to really hear it for ourselves and sometimes we tell the truth because we just can't help ourselves. And sometimes we tell them because we owe them atleast that much."
- Meredith Grey


  • "My Moon My Man" - Feist
  • "The Ocean" - The Bravery
  • "Best Friends" - The Perishers

Title ReferenceEdit

This episodes' title references the song Let The Truth Sting, originally sung by David Gray


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