Remember The Time

October 4, 2012
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"Remember The Time" is the second episode of the ninth season of Grey's Anatomy and the 174th produced episode of the series. It is also the 274th produced episode of the Grey's Anatomy franchise. It was broadcast on October 4, 2012.

Months earlier, the doctors deal with the physical and emotional fallout from the plane crash. While Meredith and Derek disagree on whether to stay in Seattle or leave for Boston, especially as Derek's injuries leave his future career uncertain, Owen tries to stand by Cristina as she experiences a post-traumatic reaction to the tragedy that's followed her. Mark tries to grieve Lexie while questioning his own health while Arizona deals with her anger over the crash, forcing Alex and Callie to notice a drastic change in her, when her leg injury becomes more and more severe.



"I had this memory game when I was a kid; a bunch of cards face down in rows. Each card has a picture. You turn one over, look at it, then you turn it back over. Then you have to try and remember where it's matching card was. Sometimes you have no idea and other times it shows us exactly what it needs to see. The cards seem completely out of order and random but you keep turning them over. And the more cards you see, you get a sense of how everything fits together."
"This is a place where horrible things happen. You were right to go, you're probably escaping disaster. Look at me, I practically grew up here and you're right it's hurt me in ways I'll probably never get over. I have a lot of memories of people, people I've lost forever. But I have a lot of other memories too. This is the place where I fell in love, the place where I found my family. This is where I learnt to be a doctor, where I learned how to take responsibility for someone else's life. And it's the place I met you. So I figure this place has given me as much as it's taken away. I've lived here as much as I've survived here, it just depends how I look at it. I'm gonna choose to look at it that way, and remember you that way. Hope you're well. Bye."
- Meredith Grey


  • "All I Want" - Kodaline

Title ReferenceEdit

This episode's title originated from the song Remember The Time, originally sung by Michael Jackson.


  • This is the last episode to credit Eric Dane in a starring capacity.

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