Tell Me Sweet Little Lies

January 22, 2006
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"Tell Me Sweet Little Lies" is the fourteenth episode of the second season of Grey's Anatomy and the 23rd produced episode of the series. It is also the 23rd produced episode of the Grey's Anatomy franchise. It was broadcast on January 22, 2006.

Meredith and Cristina lie to eachother, and themselves, about their relationships with Derek and Burke after Meredith resumes calling him "McDreamy" and Cristina 'kind of' moves in with Burke. George is faced with the difficult task of discharging a defiant patient and Alex finally hears back about the results of his medical boards and turns to Izzie for support. Bailey's pregnancy starts to ineterfere with her surgical career and the Cheif faces pressure from the nurses to ease their heavily increased workload.



"As doctors we're trained to be skeptical because our patients lie to us all the time. The rule is every patient is a liar until proven honest. Lying is bad, or so we're told constantly from birth. Honesty is the best policy, the truth shall set you free, I chopped down the cherry tree, whatever. The fact is lying is a nessesity. We lie to ourselves because the truth, the truth freaking hurts."
"No matter how hard we try to ignore it or deny it, eventually the lies fall away whether we like it or not. But here's the truth about the truth: it hurts. So we lie."
- Meredith Grey


  • "A Good Thing" - St. Etlenne
  • "Monster Hospital" - Metric
  • "Wienermobile Girl " - Mike Tarantino
  • "I Got Some Moves " - Sam Winch
  • "Am I Just One" - Carey Ott
  • "Fools Gold" - Adrienne Pierce

Title ReferenceEdit

This episodes' title references the song Little Lies, originally sung by Fleetwood Mac


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