The Face Of Change

February 7, 2013
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"The Face Of Change" is the fourteenth episode of the ninth season of Grey's Anatomy and the 186th produced episode of the series. It is also the 297th produced episode of the Grey's Anatomy franchise. It was broadcast on February 7, 2013.

Change is abound in the hospital as Cahill tours a potential buyer around the hospital while also trying to find an ambassador to be the face of the brand, putting Alex and Jackson into competition for the role and using their surgery on a transgender teen to sell the hospital. However, the effects of the E.R closing are felt when April's ride-a-long date with her paramedic boyfriend results in April, Alex, Jackson, Meredith, Cristina, Derek and the interns attempting to save the life of a hit-and-run victim under the cover of darkness. Meanwhile, Richard and Callie take a trip to another hospital owned by their potential buyer and get a bleak look at the future ahead of them.



"I'm not big into change. In oncology, when a normal cell changes into something malignant it's called cellular transformation. The damn cells turn toxic right in front of your eyes so as far as I'm concerned transformation sucks."
"Change is a funny thing, not everyone can handle it. It can sneak up on you. Things aren't what they used to be, your whole world is transformed. You realize the ground beneath you has shifted, things are uncertain and there's no turning back. The world around you is different now, unrecognisable, and there's nothing you can do about it. You're stuck, the futures staring you in the face and you're not sure you like what you see. Like I said, I'm not big into change."
- Alex Karev


  • "Turn It Around" - Lucius
  • "Spotlight" - Leagues
  • "Song For Zula" - Phosphorescent
  • "Gun Shy" - Grizzly Bear

Title ReferenceEdit

This episode's title originated from the song Face The Change, originally sung by INXS.


  • Alex narrates the voiceover for this episode.

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