Trina Paiz

Portrayed by Jamie Chung

Trina Paiz
Lacerated ear
Family Members
Jason Paiz - Husband
Trina Paiz was a patient at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital who was admitted after falling off a cliff during a hike with her husband Jason. Trina's fall was broken by her husband and she suffered only a lacarated ear while he suffered major internal damage. She was treated by Meredith Grey he determined that she was stable and left to work with Owen Hunt on her husband. Her injury was sutured by Mark Sloan and she told him the story of how she and her husband got together, when he spontaniously kissed her, something which Mark should take to mind in his quest to reunite with Lexie. Jason survived the surgery and Meredith and Owen later took Trina to see her husband. Initally shocked at the state he was in, Meredith reminded Trina that her husband was still there beneath all the damage and traums.

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