What Is It About Men?

October 6, 2011
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"What Is It About Men?" is the fourth episode of the eighth season of Grey's Anatomy and the 152nd produced episode of the series. It is also the 229th produced episode of the Grey's Anatomy franchise. It was broadcast on October 6, 2011.

The doctors of Seattle Grace are called upon to man up when a stampede at a comic book convention causes an influx of colorful characters in the OR and Derek finds that his and Meredith's decision not to work together has done little to ease the tension in their marriage. Owen and Richard both attempt to adapt to their new roles within the hospital while Mark is left with baby Sofia. Bailey is skeptical when Ben makes a return to her life, only to learn that she has moved on.



"There are distinct differences between male and female brains; female brains have a larger hippocampus which usually makes them better at retnetion and memory. Male brains have a bigger parietal cortex which helps when fending off an attack. Male brains confront challenges differently then female brains. Women are hardwired to communicate with language, detail, empathy. Men, not so much. It doesn't mean that we're any less capable than emotion. We can talk about our feelings, it's just most of time we'd really rather not"
"Be a man. People say it all the time but what does that even mean? Is it about strenght? Is it about sacrifice? Is it about winning? Maybe it's simpler than that. You have to know when not to man up. Sometimes it takes a real man to set his ego aside, admit defeat, and simply start all over again."
- Derek Shepherd, Richard Webber, Alex Karev, Jackson Avery, Mark Sloan and Owen Hunt


  • "Devil Has Taken Her Man" - Miss Li
  • "Tokyo!" - Josh Ritter
  • "Cheap Music" - Handsome Fur
  • "Dear Mr. President" - Fitz & The Tantrums
  • "Future Starts Slow" - The Kills
  • "Goshen" - Beirut
  • "Hold On To Your Friends " - Toro y Moi
  • "That Is To Say" - Opus Orange

Title ReferenceEdit

This episode's title originated from the song What Is It About Men?, originally sung by Amy Winehouse.


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