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Zola Shepherd

Portrayed by Jela K. Moore

Episode Count
First Appearance
"White Wedding"
Grey's Anatomy, 7x20
Last Appearance
"The Bed's Too Big Without You"
Grey's Anatomy, 11x10
Zola Shepherd
Zozo, Zo
Family Members
Derek Shepherd - Father
Meredith Grey - Mother
Lexie Grey - Maternal aunt
Derek Bailey Shepherd - Brother
Molly Grey-Thompson - Maternal aunt
Nancy Shepherd - Paternal aunt
Kathleen Shepherd - Paternal aunt
Liz Shepherd - Paternal aunt
Amelia Shepherd - Paternal aunt
Laura Grey-Thompson - Maternal cousin
Zola Shepherd is a the daughter of Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd.

Character HistoryEdit

Grey's Anatomy, Season 7Edit

She was first brought to the hospital as one of the children who were to recieve surgeries as part of Alex Karev's plan to improve his chances of being chosen as the new Chief Resident. Derek would operate on Zola to help with her spina bifida. Derek became attached to Zola after she stopped crying because he adjusted her head position to releave the cerebro spinal fluids pressure on her brain as he cradled her.

Grey's Anatomy, Season 8Edit

Derek and Merediths adoption of Zola is jeopardised when Meredith alters Derek's Alzheimers trial to make sure Adele Webber would not recieve a placebo. However Alex (feeling guilty over being the one to report Merediths alterations), speaks to the adoption officer in an atempt to aid their adoption.

Grey's Anatomy, Season 9Edit

Grey's Anatomy, Season 10Edit

Grey's Anatomy, Season 11Edit


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